Balsamic Vinegar LA DAMA D.O.P. 100YR


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Oro Nero La Dama ("Black Gold of the Lady") is the pinnacle of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O.. It has a very high density, is dark brown in color but full of warm light, with a distinct and sharp fragrance.  The flavor is complex, rich and varied.  These rare qualities are the precious result of a process of decantings and topping up carried out for more than 100 years with knowledge and dedication.  It is for these reasons that "La Dama" is the Cavedoni's favorite product, coming from the oldest battery of barrels in the vinegar loft owned by the Cavedoni family.

Produced with wine vinegar and must coming from the private vineyards of the Cavedoni family.  Product entirely handmade.

Vol: 100ml/ 3.38 Fl.Oz.
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